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Sauce Unveiling - May 15, 2004 - Coggin Honda , Jacksonville, Florida

Cole Pepper and a fan enjoy some Blackjack's Best BBQ and sauce
 at the unveiling located at Coggin Honda on May 15th.

Jacksonville's Eric Cavin is a big fan!

Cole's brother Justin came from Jefferson City, MO for the unveiling.
He enjoyed the day with Robert Reid of Jacksonville.

Rich Goldfarb, co-creator of the sauce, and proprietor of Blackjack's Best BBQ,
keeps the masses well fed at the unveiling May 15, 2004 at Coggin Honda in
Jacksonville, Florida.

It's a "Chamber of Commerce" day for the crowd that has gathered at
Coggin Honda in Jacksonville to sample Cole Peppers Blackjack BBQ Sauce.

Issie proudly models with our new sauce.

It doesn't get any better than this...Blackjack's Best BBQ served with
Cole Pepper's Blackjack BBQ Sauce.

Rich Goldfarb, proprietor of Blackjack's Best BBQ and co-creator
of Cole Pepper's Blackjack BBQ Sauce smiles for the camera.